A partnership between Credit Unions and Belfast City Council could make £100 million available for social investment

In News, SDLP by Donal Lyons

I’m delighted to support this initiative from my Council and SDLP colleague Cllr Tim Attwood. This is a real opportuinity that could open up a new approach to socially responsible investment. I’ll let Tim explain.

John Hume once said the Credit Union movement that of “all the things I’ve been doing, it’s the thing I’m proudest of because no movement has done more good for the people of Ireland, north and south, than the credit union movement.”

This is some acknowledgement from a Nobel Peace Laureate but then again he was a founder member of Derry Credit Union and at the age of 27 he became the youngest ever President of the Irish League of Credit Unions in 1964.

Over 50 years later, the credit union movement, a self-help co-operative financial organisation has grown from strength to strength. Credit Unions are at the heart of local communities with 547,546 adult members and 102,799 junior depositors in NI with total savings of £1,319billion, £538.5 million in loans and total assets of £1.55billion

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