For a green, shared & safe Balmoral.

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I hope you find it a useful source of information on my work on the Council and my political priorities. I represent the area of Balmoral which includes some of the most beautiful parts of Belfast and is lucky to have kept it's green spaces, its unique streets and its community spirit. On this site you can keep up to date with some of the constituency issues I campaign on, some of the events that are happening in South Belfast and most importantly you can raise issues you want to see me address. I promise to do all I can to keep Balmoral green, shared and safe.

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Cllr Donal Lyons


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If you have an idea or question for your business, community group or church, or a question regarding the council’s facilities.

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Jobs are top of the SDLP’s agenda. We have published detailed plans for our economy which prove that sustainable jobs can be created with leadership from a new government. There will be no real prosperity on our island or in our region without reconciliation. We need to lead on this issue from the very top of government, something that is not being done today.

Small business and traders, particularly the Lisburn Road and Finaghy Crossroads, provide hundreds of jobs locally as well as vibrant and shared space. I’ll work to minimise the annual rate burden, assist in appeals to Land and Property Service and tackle dereliction.

The SDLP are committed to developing and support shared society initiatives throughout the community. We pledge to build more shared society and end politically-motivated slush funds. We promise to address the problems of our disaffected youth, resolve the chaos in our education system and protect health and social care services for our elderly and vulnerable. .

I’ll fight for the improvement and retention of key services, like local post offices, and for central government improvements. I’ll also be tireless in negotiating with the drainage agencies for comprehensive infrastructure upgrade to prevent flooding, lobbying for affordable insurance coverage and pushing for practical support like quick sandbag delivery, flood gates and speedy clean-up after localised flooding.

We can’t lead the future with the politics of the past. The SDLP is committed to partnership not carve-up. We will reduce the number of politicians, cut government departments and their spending on bureaucracy. The SDLP will deliver reform of councils, decentralise government jobs and seek enhanced North-South co-operation in service delivery.

I am committed to never using language that inflames, incites or divides but rather I hope to provide constructive and creative input to discussions on commemorations, emblems and other potentially divisive topics. I am committed to working hard to find agreement on flags, which should not fly on street furniture and I will challenges regressive developments, wherever they come from.