Five months on but few details emerge

In News by Donal Lyons

Months on from June’s EU referendum vote, the SDLP are working to ensure maximum access for NI to the opportunity, security and diversity that Europe has offered us. While the language of the London government increasingly indicates a ‘hard Brexit’, we are using all available opportunities to represent the majority vote (69.7% in this constituency) in support of the EU, particularly in the areas of trade, border controls and the rights of nationals of other European countries.

SDLP Finance Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA : “The SDLP led the campaign against Brexit because we knew how damaging it would be economically, politically and socially, and nothing we have seen since June has reassured us about the impacts, or the care London will take to protect the interests of people here. Months on, we have yet to hear what the NI Executive’s plans or strategies are

“We are legally challenging aspects of London’s approach in order to have a full examination of points that will be important in negotiation, while continuing to engage with people a cross NI and decision makers in Dublin, Brussels and elsewhere.
“The EU is a creative problem solver and there is goodwill around our unique circumstances – Northern Ireland has options but DUP and SF need to get their act together and
start advocating for people here.”

Balmoral Cllr Donal Lyons is pushing through a proposal he made ahead of the referendum for a City Hall EU Committee to support access to funding and expertise. He said: “Even beyond the vast sums of agriculture and peace monies, Belfast City benefits financially through research and infrastructure funding and through learning exchange with municipalities across the EU”