Vote to Remain in the European Union

In News by Donal Lyons

Whether it’s for jobs and the economy, for communities and culture, or for protections for the citizen and the consumer, it is clear that the European Union has been essential for
Northern Ireland’s growth and prosperity.


Being within the European Union brings Northern Ireland jobs, growth and investment. It is clear to see the improvements that the EU has brought to our city with better public transport and infrastructure, additional high value research and development funding for our universities and protections for our green spaces and environment.


Importantly the European Union is also about the values of peace, cooperation and respect. The EU has helped to secure the peace in Northern Ireland and strengthened our relationships
with our neighbours. It has helped reduce the cost of food, flights and mobile phone tariffs. The EU has provided protections for consumers and workers as well as improving standards in
goods and working conditions.
On the 23rd of June we will be asked to make a decision about the future of Northern Ireland, do we wish to remain part of a democratic community with the most advanced social
protections in the world, or do we want to isolate ourselves by leaving the largest consumer market in the world?
Even those calling for us to leave have admitted that Northern Ireland gains more financially from the European Union than it contributes.
The SDLP is campaigning for Northern Ireland to remain in the European Union because we know that we work better when we work together.